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Model Analytics

Exploit your models to the last drop. Gain new insights into your models by using our suite of visual tools and running our stress tests.

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Lower your SCR

Turn Solvency II into a competitive advantage. You could be greatly overestimating your Solvency Capital Requirement.

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Facilitate Reporting

Simplify the results of your models while retaining key insights. Improve communications within your team as well as with management and regulators.

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SimPolaris' analytic tools help life insurers and pension funds analyze their risk management solutions. Our product covers aspects of the Solvency II compliance, and will not only help you meet regulatory requirements but will also help you make more effective strategic decisions.

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Dynamic graphics

Perform detailed analysis across multiple dimensions.

Risk Dashboard

Summarize the risk of the portfolio in a handful of clear metrics.

Compare Results

Compare results with historical data or with outputs of other models.